Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Erika and David's wedding!

Erika and David were married at the Tapestry House, a Wedgewood event center, in Laporte, Colorado in early may and I was privileged to photograph it. More soon!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Wedding Photo of the Day!

I am long overdue for a blog update, so in the interests of sharing some photos from a beautiful and very recent (May 31) wedding, here you are! Cari and Mark were married at MainLine in downtown Fort Collins right after it stopped raining. :-)

Saturday, April 19, 2014

As promised, here is Post #2 for this week (again, super original, Lynette... ;-) ). I have long wanted to set up a separate web site for my boudoir work and now I have! I love my boudoir work and I love reminding women how beautiful they are. I always say that Black Cherry Boudoir is the most luscious boudoir photography in northern Colorado because I photograph real, beautiful women and that is absolutely true. Not only will I be doing boudoir and continuing with Diva Parties (Bachelorette Party planners, take note), but will be adding pinup photography because (a) my burlesque friends have convinced me that it's the coolest thing, and (b) I will have a studio space! More on that in Post #1 for this week (see below). In the meantime, go to www.BlackCherryBoudoir.com to see more and learn more and decide you want to do a session because they are just so much fun. :-) Have a great weekend!

New Studio Space!

So, I actually have two posts today, and this is the first of them. Thank you Captain Obvious, Lynette... :-) At any rate, big announcement #1 is that I now have a studio and meeting space! I will be sharing space with several other local photographers, creative professionals, and wedding pros on the south end of Fort Collins. The new space is called Stir and it should be up and running in May! I'm thrilled and cannot wait to make use of this gorgeous location. First, I can now offer studio photography to my portrait and boudoir clients. I love location photography, and in Colorado, that can happen year-round for the most part. Having said this, we had a REALLY serious bout of FREEEEEEZING weather this winter and while winter location portraits are gorgeous and unique, when you can no longer feel your feet (or in my case, my hands as well), it's a Problem with a capital P. Having a studio space not only allows us to circumvent the occasional weather event, but also gives all my portrait clients the option to work in a lovely, beautifully lighted space as well as gives my boudoir ladies another option for their images other than a bedroom (nice though that is, obviously). Plus, the studio is an ideal location for pinup photography and if there is one thing all my burlesque friends have taught me, there is nothing better than some classic pinup.

Second, the other wonderful thing about having a studio and meeting space is that I can now do wedding consultations in a more sane environment. Coffee shops are nice and all, but they can be really loud, they are certainly distracting, and I have been a working pro in Fort Collins for long enough that I am kind of over hauling my stuff into a coffee shop and not maybe looking super professional. ;-) We'll have a high-def TV for slide shows, more room for me to show you how gorgeous your wedding images (and portraits for all my lovely portrait clients) will look when you have them done up as a statement print, more room to spread out on comfy chairs, and a table for albums. Plus, I will make sure we still have coffee/tea/water/etc. I'll know more soon and I cannot wait to show you how great this all is!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Engagement season!

Hi everyone! It's springtime and therefore portrait time! I am doing lots of family sessions right now and  I am always excited about that. It's also engagement portrait season (spring and fall are the most popular times for all types of portraits). Alex and Sean are getting married at the end of June at the Tapestry House in Laporte, Colorado and wanted their images to include the new springtime color. This is a wonderful time of year to capture portraits because the grass is just getting green and everything else is in this wonderful transition stage where we can still see the "architecture" of the trees but we have tiny leaves and blossoms as well, which makes for a very unique look. I hope, as always, that you enjoy theses images and you can always see more images and portrait ideas on my site, www.thepicturechick.com.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Time for some boudoir!

I was recently asked what one thing would I like to improve? My blogging! I am potentially the most inconsistent blogger on the planet. I really need to be blogging more, that's for sure. I think it's time to blog a little bit about boudoir images. I've been shooting these gorgeous images since opening the studio many years ago, but recently decided to separate the boudoir side of the studio a little bit from the rest of the studio to feature it a bit more. A lot of ladies who do this are having the images made for their spouse/fiance/boyfriend/partner but I have also seen that they are doing this for themselves. Boudoir can do a lot to affirm every woman's beauty and really help you realize how gorgeous you are. I am often asked, "how will you help me keep from being nervous in front of the camera?" It's a very good question, because I know I would be nervous doing images like this. I always answer that first, I think it's important to have a woman photographer taking these photos because we automatically have a starting point of understanding. After that, my goal is to take the session at a relaxed pace with music and soft lighting and an understanding of how to bring out the best in every woman. Some women love their legs, some love "the girls," some love their bum, but every woman wants to look stunning. I love to use my skills and training (yes, you can get training in boudoir photography; how cool is that?) to bring out the absolute best in every woman. I think subtlety is key and less is more. When you leave certain things to the imagination, the images are even more stunning. This is a great time of year to do boudoir images because I know there are a lot of summer weddings and anniversaries coming up. Of course, I think ANY time of year is a good time for boudoir, but spring is great. I would love to hear from you! 

Friday, February 28, 2014

Portraits! Raquel and Nate are engaged and braved the Colorado weather.

Hi everyone! I am back, this time with portrait images. Raquel and Nate are engaged to be married in August in Nebraska. They were here in Fort Collins two weeks ago for their engagement session and braved the horrible weather (wind and then later, freezing rain, oh joy). I seem to be mentioning bad weather a lot, but it has been COLD lately. While I would never expect my clients to suffer through that on my account, we only had one chance for these images because Raquel and Nate live two states away, so they wanted to go ahead. We found many sheltered locations downtown and took some wonderful images at a beautiful local park and open space, but I had to include the outtake of Raquel's wild hair. That's a big piece of ice in the river behind them! We had a wonderful time, they were very good about the whole thing, and we made some great engagement images to show at their upcoming wedding.